Aparent was created with a slightly different approach. As I learned in school how destructive the fashion industry is, I could not bring myself to create a clothing company that over produce products and feed the consumption system we’ve created.


My name is Melanie Parent and I handcraft every hoodies and jackets myself from start to finish in Pemberton BC. My biggest dream is to inspire people to review their buying habits. We all know it’s time to change how we’ve been consuming as the clothing industry has a huge impact on the environment and on our people.


To me fashion is an art form so the way I found I could make a difference was by creating quality one of a kind garments on a small scale and made to order as much as possible. By making the pieces locally I’m reducing their carbon footprint and I know they are ethically made.


The original idea was to make one of a kind hoodies made of new and upcycled fabric and sell them online and at markets. I wanted to encourage slow fashion by making garments that wont go out of style.


It developed into what I call “creative custom fitted” which is a hoodie made to your body measurements, designed by me and inspired by you. In the past few years I’ve been introducing more sustainable fabric and I’m always looking for better options. I am not perfect yet but consistently strive to improve. Baby steps in the right direction.


Working alone from home inspired me to start collective projects with other artists. It led to the development of the wearable art softshell jackets. I get local photographers beautiful artwork printed on fabric using a sublimation printing process. It is slightly more eco friendly as no washing is required before or after the printing and TVT Textiles uses eco friendly ink. As it evolved I also found softshell material made of 100% recycled plastic bottles. A commission is paid to the photographer per pieces sold.


If you really want to see what I’m about please visit my instagram @aparentclothing or Facebook page www.facebook.com/aparentclothing to see over 400 creations


A huge thank you to all my customers for seeing the value in my work and to all my 2014 Kickstarter supporters who made my dream possible.